The project is an inter-regional artistic co-operation that addresses an identified lack of provision for 'composition and song writing' in traditional music; specifically with a contemporary approach, supporting young composers who are cultivating their own unique process of openness and curiosity towards the tradition. 

Each local edition is designed for 20 young people aged 14-18 who are at a transitional stage in their music making; emerging as young creative writers and innovators. As established composers in their own rights, the 9 members of Atlantic Arc will offer the participants an opportunity for accelerated learning through the group's range of  instrumentation and vocals, breadth of musical genres and their technology  skills, providing a broad capacity to respond to a wide range of participant's interests and enquiries. Furthermore, there is value to be placed on the intergenerational exchange of music and ideas that this project will inspire. The opportunity for musical transmission between the musicians/singers at various stages in their careers, from emerging to prominent and legendary is invaluable.

In designing the masterclass framework, a set of essential learning outcomes will be identified by the Music Generation Music Development Officers. The delivery of the classes will be drawn from the contributions of the participants, by way of registration questionnaire and submission of works. 


We would also like to acknowledge that this project aims to witness and facilitate the inspired creativity that the recent climate has undoubtedly fuelled. It is well documented that in times of great challenge a wave of creative outpouring emerges in society, both as a healing modality and as a reflective process. In a holistic capacity, the project aims to support these young artists in their musical expressions, guiding them through a process that respects their creative emotions and supporting them to evolve their own unique creative language. It is even more vital given that we are engaging the next generation of music creators with spirited imaginations for what traditional music means to them today.