Thank you for expressing your interest in participating in the composition/song-writing masterclass with Atlantic Arc. We are delighted to now invite you to submit your audition audio or video. We encourage young musicians to take the time to read the guidelines below, plan your audition video out carefully and make sure you give yourself enough time to create your video with confidence.



Young musicians should prepare one self-composed or arranged instrumental piece of music/song

  • The original compositions of the successful candidates will form part of your masterclass experience


1.      How to prepare your recording environment

  • Please ensure there is no background noise e.g. dog barking, lawn mower, dishwasher etc.

  • Please ensure there is adequate lighting. We need to see your face, instrument and fingers. Not too dark, not too bright.

  • Tell family members not to interrupt. They can be in the room but silent and not in camera shots


2.      Device

  • Any device can be used: smartphone, tablet, camera or laptop

  • If someone is holding the device, ensure the camera is held still

  • Please do not worry about the quality of the sound and tone on your recording. We will be able to focus on your rhythm, intonation and overall presentation. It may not sound like what you hear when playing


3.      What to wear

  • Dress in ‘smart casual’ as if it were an in-person audition.


4.      Introduce yourself and your composition


5.     Things to note when recording

  • Record everything in one take. You can record as many times as you like but please only submit ONE video.



There are a few ways you can send us your video, please choose the best way for you.


1.      WhatsApp: You can send us your video by WhatsApp file transfer to our mobile number: 086 4675920

2.      Share via Google Drive: If you have a google drive, you may send us your video by shared link. Right click your video file in google drive, select ‘Get Link’, ensure the link settings are set to ‘Anyone with the link can edit’, copy the link and paste it into an email and send it to:

3.      Share via We Transfer: You can visit, upload your video file and email it to us following the process on WeTransfer. Please ensure you send to the email address:



If you have any questions or need support submitting your audition video please contact us by phone or

email and we will help you.

• Pádraig Rynne,  Music Development Officer, Music Generation Clare:  086 4675920

• Fiona McGrath,  Administrator, Music Generation Clare:

We look forward to hearing from you, good luck!